Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

An Education CRM is an automated software that helps in sales, marketing, operations, and management for educational institutions to increase enrollment of prospective students and effective communication between current students and educators. CRM software collects and analyses the data of students from various sources, and enables effective communication with them through multi-channel communication (SMS, WhatsApp, E-mail, etc.). The embedded sales management dashboard aids the sales team in prioritizing leads based on their lead score and the user management system defines the role-based access of the software and secure management of students' data. The automated Payment Management system enables in automation of fee reminders through late fee notifications. An effective education CRM facilitates smooth communication of educational institutions with students and converts leads into enrollment, thus maximizing the productivity and growth of the institution.


How to Set Up Your CRM

Boost Your CRM Experience: Understand all the top features that will help increase your enrollments.


Integrate your CRM with all of your social media

CRM software enables linking with various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. This helps in increasing the reach of institution to the prospective students.


Automate Marketing Campaign across channels

Through interlinking of the CRM software, institutes can automate their marketing campaign across various channels and attract the interest of various students.


Multi-channel communication with prospects

After identifying the leads, institutes can engage in communications with students on various platforms and showcase their courses and services through the use of automated CRM software.


Prioritise leads

Based on the data collected from various channels, CRM software helps in prioritizing and converting pipeline leads into student enrollment through effective communication and marketing strategies.


Track your sales

CRM software provides a user-friendly Sales Performance Reports & Analytics dashboard that helps in tracking, organizing, and managing the sales activities of the sales team.


Enroll faster with an in-built payment platform

Payment Dashboard installed in CRM software helps the sales team in enrollment of students through a smooth, hassle-free payment getaway through which students can make their payments and generate their pay slips.

App Features

Increase your enrollments through our robust automated CRM software that provides various services including Lead Management, Sales Management, Marketing Management, User Management, and Payment Management systems.

Lead Centralization

Connect all of your lead channels for your sales teams—web, third-party, and lead-generation from several sources.

Lead Management

Maintain contact with potential customers through multiple channels, including email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

Sales Management & Automation

Prioritize prospects according to their lead score, and customize your sales and communication efforts.

User Management

Take complete control with Role-Based Access, Hierarchy Management, and Restricted IP Access

Marketing Communication & Automation

Optimize communication performance and automate your marketing engagements.

Campaign Management

Monitor, assess, and enhance each enrollment marketing campaign's effectiveness in real-time.

Sales Performance Reports & Analytics

Using a single, robust analytics dashboard, monitor your calling reports, sales, conversions, and engagement.

Payment Management

With a payment dashboard, you can create payment links, enable automated reminders, and manage split payments and late fees.

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