Online Examination Portal

Online Examination Portal

Online Examination Portal is a tool that facilitates the online conduction of institutions’ examinations for the students for which they can appear from anywhere, eliminating the need to give tests in classroom settings or test centers. Through an online examination portal, schools and universities can organize, schedule, conduct, and administer the entire examination process with a live proctoring system and cheating-prevention mechanisms. Institutions have access to integrate this online examination portal with LMS software to publish the results of online exams to the students on their user dashboards.

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Online Examination Portal features

The online Examination Portal provides various features that facilitate a smooth and hassle-free process of exam conduction. Some of the top features of an online examination portal are given below.

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How to set up Online Examination Portal

Below are the steps to be followed to set up your customized online examination portal.

  • Set up Questions

    Institutes can set up questions according to their preferred types such as MCQ-based, full-length answer-based, etc.

  • Upload Question paper

    These question papers can then be uploaded on the online examination portal that can be accessed by students to take the exam.

  • Enable Security measures

    To ensure fair conduct, the software possesses multiple security features that institutes can utilize to ensure complete proctoring of the exam.

  • Conduct examinations

    After the security mechanisms are enabled, students can log in and appear for the exam under complete surveillance of the institution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding Online Examination Portal software.

Online Examination Portal provides a digital platform where institutes can set up, upload, organize, and conduct various types of examinations. To ensure that students are taking exams in a proctored environment, the software contains various cheating prevention mechanisms and live screen proctoring.

Various types of tests such as subjective, MCQs, True/False, Reasoning, simulation, practical assessments, etc. can be conducted by the institutes using the user-friendly and adaptable online exam portal.

Yes. The online examination portal provides security equivalent to an offline test center environment. The built-in cheating prevention techniques and online proctoring of the entire test duration help institutes organize a fair and smooth exam process.

Yes. The online examination portal is developed to provide flexibility to the institutes and students to conduct and take exams by using a variety of devices and can be accessed through web, android, and iOS devices.