Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System (LMS)

A Learning Management System is a software tool that allows users to create, organize, upload, manage, deliver, and track the course materials including curriculum, timetable, exams, and assignments to the students digitally. LMS software helps in efficient training management through its’ centralized learning platform that can be integrated with various social media tools and ensures the integrity and reliability of stored information through robust security measures. LMS software proves to be highly beneficial for online students as LMS provides a user-friendly and modern learning ecosystem through which the students can learn and track their progress through various innovative and easily comprehensible learning resources such as e-books, gamification, e-library, and skills and certification tracking tools.


Benefits of Using LMS

LMS software offers various tools for an efficient and seamless learning experience for students. Below are some of the advantages of using EdTech Innovate’s LMS software.

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LMS Features

The automated LMS software is designed to ease the complexity of providing course materials to the students effectively and enable the offering of a complete educational experience to the students who are opting for an online course.


Academic Configuration

Effective LMS software enables educational institutions to set up their academic framework. This involves managing user permissions effectively, planning course timetables, defining grading systems, enabling seamless user-to-user interaction, maintaining detailed records of attendance, conducting insightful performance evaluations, and providing thorough training and support services.


Course, Assignment, Exam & Time Table Management

Educational Institutes can create, upload, organize, maintain, deliver, and track course materials through LMS automated software. This enables the efficient management of course curricula, assignments, webinar integration, exam administration, and the creation of timetable schedules for the students enrolled in the course.


Personalized Learning Portals

To facilitate students and institutions with a user-friendly and adaptable learning environment, LMS software is designed in such a way that it offers customizable learning portals for easy comprehension of the tools and techniques. Individuals have the accessibility to set up the software interface according to their language, design, and service preferences.


Multilingual interface

Students enrolled in the institutes come from diverse backgrounds. Sometimes they face difficulty in understanding the language used in the software. To cater to this need of the students, our LMS software provides a multilingual interface so that students can choose to learn in their preferred languages.


Social Learning Tools

Social Media platforms play a vital role in the daily lives of people and they can be utilized productively to deliver information to the students. LMS software provides the accessibility of integrating with these social platforms through which students can be informed about various events and activities.



LMS software is developed to provide a reliable and secure learning environment to students and institutions. The robust security features like personalized and configurable user roles & permissions and secured cloud storage prevent any type of misuse of personal information of the users from any exterior threats.


Manage Groups

LMS software includes the feature of group management in which students can be categorized into various groups and these groups can be managed by permitted users only. This helps in centralizing the learning process and efficient training management for the institutes.


Notifications & Reminders

Students can be notified and reminded about various information such as timetable schedules, exam dates, fee payments, etc. through the notification and reminder feature of LMS software. This greatly helps in enhancing the communication between the institute and its students.

How to set up LMS software

LMS software services can be easily accessed through its user-friendly, responsive, and customizable learning portal.

01. Academic configuration

Institutes can easily set up various tools according to their requirements such as assigning user roles and permissions, grading systems, attendance tracking, and other resource management.

02. Map daily lessons

LMS software allows authorized users to organize course content, set up assessments, schedule lectures, and conduct online examinations. Institutes can seamlessly insert course materials according to their planning.

03. Upload content

The course content uploaded by institutes can be accessed by the students with the permissions allowed by the institutions. This accessibility helps them in their learning process.

04. Empower students to study Anytime & Anywhere

Automated LMS software tool enables online students to access their course materials from remote areas. This helps them in pursuing their education from anywhere and anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding LMS software.

There are various features provided by efficient LMS software that users need to consider while choosing the best LMS software for their organization. These features include responsive and user-friendly design, academic configuration, course & exam management features, real-time performance tracking, multilingual interface, robust security features, linking with social media platforms for notifications and reminders, payment management, and Configurable user roles & permissions, among others.

Yes, LMS automated software is developed in such a way that it allows users to customize it according to their requirements. The user dashboard is user-friendly and easy to access and caters to the various needs of individuals and institutions.

Yes. Our LMS software is built with the accessibility of smoothly integrating various tools with other software systems of your institution. For example, the online examination portal software integrates with LMS and you can view your results, progress, and certification on the dashboard installed in the LMS software. CRM software can also be connected to LMS software to facilitate effective communication between educators and students at any stage of their academic journey.

LMS software ensures the data protection of the students through its robust security features. The students’ data is stored on a cloud platform and is restricted for access to permitted users only. Without the permission of authorities, no individual can access this data for potential misuse of information.

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