Message From Our Flag Bearers

Our Flag Bearers

The success of any institution hinges upon the capabilities and dedication of its team. In this regard, Edtech Innovate Private Limited is fortunate to be guided by a group of pillars who have already proven their mettle in various fields of services and activities over several years. Their selfless commitment to service underpins the success of the company.

Indeed, the birth and growth of any institution are intricately tied to the expertise and commitment of the individuals driving it forward. Edtech is therefore well positioned with its team of imaginative and zealous pillars, who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Their unwavering dedication to service has contributed significantly to the success of Edtech Private Innovate Private Limited.


Muhammad Rashid is the Managing Director of Edtech Innovate Private Limited. Additionally, he is the Co-founder and Director of the Institute of Integrated Training and Studies in Delhi, as well as the Chairman and founder of the Principle Institute of Management and Technology. With a postgraduate degree in Education (M.A. Education), Mr. Rashid has successfully built his career in coaching and professional education over the last 14 years. His extensive experience in guiding students through the world of knowledge is one of the key strengths of Edtech Innovate Private Limited.

Muhammad Rashid



Greetings and a warm welcome to Edtech Innovate Private Limited. As the Chief Executive Officer, it gives me immense pleasure to lead our team in pioneering innovative solutions that revolutionize the field of education. At Edtech Innovate, we are steadfast in our commitment to empowering learners and educators alike through cutting-edge technology and visionary approaches to learning. Together, let us unlock the potential of education and shape a brighter future for all.

Akhilesh Semwal



Advocate Tajinder Singh, the Chief Operating Officer (COO), is an avid proponent of Education and Legal Services. His outstanding services in building and maintaining relationships with educational institutions outside India, particularly in West Asian countries, have played a pivotal role in the expansion of Edtech Innovate Private Limited beyond the Indian subcontinent. The company's growth in these regions can be attributed to Advocate Tajinder Singh's consistent and tireless efforts. His dedication and passion have earned him a commendable reputation in the field, making him an invaluable asset to the organization.

Tajinder Singh